A Comparative Study of Speed Control of D.C. Brushless Motor Using PI and Fuzzy Controller Major Electrical Projects



This paper presents an intelligent control architecture for a sensor based brushless DC motor. A BLDC motor is superior to a brushed DC motor, as it replaces the mechanical commutation unit with an electronic one; hence improving the dynamic characteristics, efficiency and reducing the noise level marginally. Conventionally a PI-controller is used for speed control purpose in many industrial BLDC motor drives. But the accuracy level obtained by the PI-controlled drive is insufficient for advanced sophisticated applications. So as a better choice, a fuzzy logic control technique is applied to this motor to achieve a greater accuracy in controlling the speed.


  1. Intelligent control
  2. BLDC motor
  3. Dynamic characteristics
  4. Accuracy
  5. Fuzzy logic



Fig. 1. Block diagram for speed control of BLDCM using PI controller.

Fig. 2. Block diagram of a fuzzy logic controlled BLDC motor drive.


                  Fig. 3. Speed response of PI controlled BLDC motor drive(Nref=1500 r.p.m)

Fig. 4. Speed response of fuzzy logic controlled BLDC motor drive (Nref=1500 r.p.m)

Fig. 5. Speed response of PI controlled BLDC motor drive(transition from 1500 r.p.m to 1400 r.p.m)

                         Fig. 6. Speed response of fuzzy logic controlled BLDC motor drive (transition from 1500 r.p.m to 1400 r.p.m)


In this paper we discussed the BLDC motor speed control using a fuzzy logic controller. A detailed analysis was done on fuzzification, fuzzy rules and defuzzification methods and lookup table was obtained by using fuzzy algorithm. The PI control scheme and fuzzy based PI scheme were simulated using MATLAB and compared. The dynamic response of speed in using FLC was better than only PI scheme. These results show that a PI based FLC technique is a better choice for BLDC motor drive and favors to widen its area of application in near future.


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