BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter


 This paper proposes a solar photovoltaic (SPV) array fed water pumping system utilizing a zeta converter as an intermediate DC-DC converter in order to extract the maximum available power from the SPV array. Controlling the zeta converter in an intelligent manner through the incremental conductance maximum power point tracking (INC-MPPT) algorithm offers the soft starting of the brushless DC (BLDC) motor employed to drive a centrifugal water pump coupled to its shaft. Soft starting i.e. the reduced current starting inhibits the harmful effect of the high starting current on the windings of the BLDC motor. A fundamental frequency switching of the voltage source inverter (VSI) is accomplished by the electronic commutation of the BLDC motor, thereby avoiding the VSI losses occurred owing to the high frequency switching. A new design approach for the low valued DC link capacitor of VSI is proposed. The proposed water pumping system is designed and modeled such that the performance is not affected even under the dynamic conditions. Suitability of the proposed system under dynamic conditions is demonstrated by the simulation results using MATLAB/Simulink software.


  1. SPV array
  2. Zeta converter
  4. BLDC motor
  5. Electronic commutation



Fig.1 Configuration of proposed SPV array-Zeta converter fed BLDC motor drive for water pumping system.



Fig.2 Performances of the proposed SPV array based Zeta converter fed BLDC motor drive for water pumping system (a) SPV array variables, (b) Zeta converter variables, and (c) BLDC motor-pump variables.


The SPV array-zeta converter fed VSI-BLDC motor-pump for water pumping has been proposed and its suitability has been demonstrated by simulated results using MATLAB/Simulink and its sim-power-system toolbox. First, the proposed system has been designed logically to fulfil the various desired objectives and then modelled and simulated to examine the various performances under starting, dynamic and steady state conditions. The performance evaluation has justified the combination of zeta converter and BLDC motor drive for SPV array based water pumping. The system under study availed the various desired functions such as MPP extraction of the SPV array, soft starting of the BLDC motor, fundamental frequency switching of the VSI resulting in a reduced switching losses, reduced stress on IGBT switch and the components of zeta converter by operating it in continuous conduction mode and stable operation. Moreover, the proposed system has operated successfully even under the minimum solar irradiance.


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