Analysis and Control of DSTATCOM for a Line Voltage Regulation Simulation Projects


This paper describes a modeling and AC voltage direct control techniques of distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM) using EMTDC/PSCAD package. Moreover it is presented to make model of three-phase four-wire real distribution system and applied to model of DSTATCOM using EMTDC. Using AC voltage direct control, low harmonics and offset in the voltage as well as fast dynamic responses are achieved. The derived simulations are tried to verify the result of this paper.


  1. Distribution System
  2. Power Quality
  3. Custom Power Device
  4. Shunt Compensation Device
  5. Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM)
  6. Voltage Sag, Harmonics
  7. Zero sequence



Fig.1. Schematic of distribution system


Fig.2. Load voltages at the sensitive load terminal [kV](EMTDC/PSCAD simulation )

Fig.3. Harmonics components at the sensitive load terminal

Fig.4. Bode-plot to demonstrate the stability of control of DSTATCOM

Fig.5. Voltage waveform of each phase using proposed DSTATCOM Control scheme

Figure 6. Harmonics of the load terminal using proposed control scheme


In this paper, typical distribution system was modeled using EMTDC/PSCAD simulation package. And the single-phase-to-ground fault in distribution system was simulated and analyzed. In the simulation, the component of harmonics in distribution system was analyzed. Also, in this paper, the AC voltage direct control scheme to eliminate sag-voltage and harmonics was proposed and simulated of DSTATCOM. Further work will improve of control scheme of DSTATCOM and application of real distribution system to examine their effective and robustness.


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