Adaptive Power Decoupling Control for Single-Phase Converter with Unbalanced DC-Split-Capacitor Circuit


DC-Split This paper proposes an adaptive power decoupling control strategy for a single-phase rectifier with an unbalanced split-capacitor decoupling circuit. Since a capacitance mismatch estimator is integrated into the control strategy, the impact of capacitance mismatch is eliminated.


DC-Split Meanwhile, the capacitance mismatch estimator can provide an auxiliary online monitor for the health of split-capacitors. Moreover, the mechanism of capacitor voltages self-balance is explained. Finally, experiments are conducted to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.


  1. Active power decoupling
  2.  Adaptive control
  3. Dc split- capacitor
  4. Single-phase converter
  5. Capacitance mismatch



Fig. 1. Proposed control diagram for single-phase power converter with DC split- capacitor power decoupling circuit.


Fig. 2. Simulation results of the proposed adaptive decoupling controller. (a) Case I; (b) Case II; (c) Case III.


DC-Split In this paper, an adaptive power decoupling controller is proposed for the DC split-capacitor decoupling circuit under  capacitance mismatch. The conclusions are listed below: 1) The steady-state analysis of DC split-capacitor decoupling circuits shows that there are infinite feasible solutions to achieve the decoupling of twice ripple power under capacitance mismatch.


DC-Split Among them, a special solution is to control the capacitor voltages into DC and the fundamental frequency sinusoidal AC component. 2) Under the framework of the special solution, an adaptive power decoupling controller is proposed to realize the decoupling of twice ripple power. 3) The capacitance mismatch estimator is presented to estimate the unequal factor online.


Consequently, the fundamental frequency power ripple caused by capacitor mismatch is eliminated. Meanwhile, the estimated unequal factor can be used as a health monitoring indicator of split-capacitors.


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