A New Control Strategy for Active and Reactive Power Control of Three-Level VSC Based HVDC System


This paper displays another control procedure no doubt and ready power control of three-level multipulse voltage source converter based High Voltage DC (HVDC) communication plan working at Fundamental Frequency Switching (FFS). A three-level voltage source converter change the regular two-level VSC and it is determined for the real and reactive power control is each of the four quarter task.


active-reactive-power-control-three-level-vsc-based-hvdc-system/Another control method is created for produce the ready power control by changing the beat width and by keeping the dc connect voltage regular. The enduring state and dynamic showing of HVDC plan joining two unique density arrange are shown for dynamic and responsive forces control.


Complete capacity of motor apply in the plan are decreased in contrast with two dimension VSCs. The killing of the HVDC plan is also increase as far as decreased music level even at important frequenccy exchanging.


Fig. 1 A three-level 24-Pulse voltage source converter based HVDC system



Fig. 2 Control scheme of three-level VSC based HVDC system using dynamic dead angle (β) Control



Fig. 3 Performance of rectifier station during simultaneous real and reactive power control of three-level 24-pulse VSC based HVDC system


Fig. 4 Performance of inverter station during simultaneous real and reactive power control of three-level 24-pulse VSC based HVDC system


Fig. 5 Variation of angles (δ) and (β) values of three-level 24-pulse VSC based HVDC system during simultaneous real and reactive power control


Another control method for three-level 24-beat voltage source converter setup has been planned for HVDC plan. The execution of this 24-beat VSC based HVDC  plan apply the control method has been exhibited in dynamic power control in bidirectional, free control of the ready power and power quality improvement.


Another powerful dead point (β) control has been presented for three-level voltage source converter working at critical recurrence trade. In this control the HVDC plan activity is efficiently shown and furthermore an analysis of (β) esteem


for different responsive power necessity and symphonious execution has been completed in detail. In this way, the determination of converter task locale is more adaptable as indicated by the necessity of the responsive power and power quality.

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