A Unity Power Factor Converter with Isolation for Electric Vehicle Battery Charger


This paper deals with a unity power factor (UPF) Cuk converter EV (Electric Vehicle) battery charger having a high frequency transformer isolation instead of only a single phase front end converter used in vehicle’s conventional battery chargers. The operation of the proposed converter is defined in various modes of the converter components i.e. DCM  (Discontinuous Conduction Mode) or CCM (Continuous Conduction Mode) along with the optimum design equations. In this way, this isolated PFC converter makes the input current sinusoidal in shape and improves input power factor to unity. Simulation results for the proposed converter are shown for charging a lead acid EV battery in constant current constant voltage (CC-CV) mode. The rated full load and varying input supply conditions have been considered to show the improved power quality indices as compared to conventional battery chargers. These indices follow the international IEC 61000-3-2 standard to give harmonic free input parameters for the proposed circuit.

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