Study On Speed Sensorless SVM-DTC System Of PMSM Best Electrical Engineering Projects

ABSTRACT: A novel speed sensorless direct torque control system-SVM-DTC of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) based on SVM and MRAS is presented. In this paper the various components of the speed sensorless SVM-DTC and the principle of realization are discussed in detail. Finally the simulation results with the application of MATLAB/SIMULINK show that the speed […]

IEEE Power Systems Projects for M.Tech

MTech Power Systems Projects List An electric power system is a system of electrical machinery deployed to contribute, transfer, and use electric power. The grid is an example of an electric power system that supplies power to an extensive area. An electrical grid power system is broadly classified into the generators that provide the power, the transmission system that transfers the power from […]

DIRECT TORQUE CONTROL (DTC) PROJECTS Best Electrical Engineering Projects

Direct torque control (DTC) is one method used in variable frequency drives to control the torque (and thus finally the speed) of three-phase AC electric motors. This involves calculating an estimate of the motor’s magnetic flux and torque based on the measured voltage and current of the motor. Stator flux linkage is estimated by integrating […]

Direct Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Space Vector Modulation Control Readymade Electrical Projects

  ABSTRACT: How to calculate the reference voltage vector is an important issue in space vector modulation direct torque control (SVM-DTC) of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The effect of zero vector on electromagnetic torque during all speed range is analyzed on the basis of the relation between voltage vector and torque current component. And […]

Electric Machines and Drives Projects for BTech

Electric Machines and Drives Projects for BTech Latest electrical projects list Electric Machines and Drives In electrical engineering, electric machine is a common term for electric motors along with electric generators and further electromagnetic machines. They are electro mechanical energy converters: an electric motor transforms electricity to mechanical power whereas an electric generator transforms mechanical power to […]