Virtual flux direct power control for PWM rectifiers based on an adaptive sliding mode observer


In the conventional virtual transition estimation for a three-stage PWM rectifier, the joining component causes issues for the underlying quality and DC inclination, and the temperamental lattice voltage prompts a non-consistent motion sufficiency. To address these issues, an enhanced direct power control (DPC) plot dependent on a versatile sliding mode spectator (ASMO) is proposed in this work. The onlooker utilizes a sigmoid capacity as change capacity to assess the lattice side source voltage. Then, a versatile compensator rather than unadulterated basic component is likewise intended to progressively modify remuneration. The soundness of this onlooker is demonstrated by the Lyapunov work; besides, reproductions and exploratory outcomes show this new virtual motion eyewitness significantly enhances the perception exactness dependent on voltage sensorless control. The use of this procedure effectively stifles the variance of the dynamic voltage reaction in the DC transport, killing high-recurrence clamor from the framework side, while at the same time boosting the power quality.



Fig. 1. System structure of traditional voltage sensor-less (VF-Direct Power Contro)



 Fig. 2. Comparison of steady-state curve under four methods.


 Fig. 3. Dynamic simulation I of saturation suppression and adaptive sliding mode.

Fig. 4. Dynamic simulation II of saturation suppression and adaptive sliding mode.

Fig. 5. Dynamic simulation of traditional voltage sensorless control.

Fig. 6. Dynamic simulation of adaptive sliding mode.


Fig. 7. Comparison of bus voltage during load step.

Fig. 8. Comparison of phase current and voltage during load step.


This paper presents sliding mode control in a virtual motion onlooker, in view of the three-stage PWM rectifier show under virtual motion Direct Power Control; additionally, the deliberate plan of a symmetrical criticism remuneration technique to adjust the motion estimation has been proposed. An enhanced sensorless control calculation with a versatile sliding mode onlooker has been recreated and tentatively checked. Results demonstrate that the blend of sliding control and virtual motion spectator has enhanced powerful reaction over customary control procedures. This plan can altogether enhance the perception precision and dynamic reaction execution of the onlooker, and smother the dynamic variance and symphonious unsettling influence, expanding the general power quality and conveyance.


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