Design of an Efficient Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Compensating Voltage Sags, Swells, and Phase Jumps


This paper displays a novel plan of a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) which relieve voltage lists, swell, and stage bounces by infusing least dynamic power in framework and gives the steady power at load side with no unsettling influence. The plan of this remunerating gadget exhibited here incorporates the mix of PWM-based control plot, dq0 change and PI controller in control some portion of its hardware, which empowers it to limit the power rating and to reaction immediately to voltage quality issues looked by the present electrical power businesses.

A colossal information of intensity hardware was connected so as to structure and model of a total test framework exclusively to break down and examining the reaction of this productive DVR. So as to understand this control plan of DVR MAT LAB/SIMULATION climate was utilized. The consequences of proposed structure of DVR’s control plot are contrasted and the aftereffects of existing traditional DVR which obviously exhibit the effective pay of voltage quality issues by infusing least dynamic power.




 Fig.1. Block Diagram of DVR



Fig.2.Source Voltage with Sag of 0.5 p.u.

Fig.3.Load Voltage after Compensation through proposed DVR

Fig.4. Load Voltage after Compensation through classical DVR

Fig.5. Voltage injected by proposed DVR as response of Sag

Fig.6.Source Voltage with Swell of 1.5 p.u.

Fig.7. Load Voltage after compensation through proposed DVR

Fig.8. Load Voltage after Compensation through classical DVR

Fig.9. Voltage injected by DVR as response of Swell

Fig.10. .Load Voltage after Compensation of Phase jump

Fig.11. dq0 form of difference voltage obtained by proposed DVR

Fig.12. dq0 form of difference voltage obtained by classical DVR


As the world is moving towards modernization, the most fundamental need that it has is of a proficient and dependable intensity of superb quality. These days, an ever increasing number of refined gadgets are being presented, and their affect-ability is needy upon the nature of information control, even a slight unsettling influence in power quality, for example, Voltage lists, voltage swells, and sounds, which keeps going in several milliseconds, can result in an immense misfortune due to the disappointment of end use hardware.

For providing food such voltage quality issues a proficient DVR is proposed in this paper with the ability of moderating voltage hangs, swells, and stage hops by infusing least dynamic power henceforth diminishing the VA rating of DVR. remuneration of voltage quality issues utilizing a similarly low voltage DC battery and by infusing least dynamic power.


Modeling And Simulation For Voltage Sags/Swells Mitigation Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr)


 This project describes the problem of voltage sags and swells and its severe impact on non linear loads or sensitive loads. The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) has become popular as a cost effective solution for the protection of sensitive loads from voltage sags and swells. The control of the compensation voltages in DVR based on dqo algorithm is discussed. It first analyzes the power circuit of a DVR system in order to come up with appropriate control limitations and control targets for the compensation voltage control. The proposed control scheme is simple to design. Simulation results carried out by Matlab/Simulink verify the performance of the proposed method .


  1. DVR
  2. Voltage sags
  3. Voltage swells
  4. Sensitive load





Figure 1: Schematic diagram of DVR




Fig.2 Flow Chart Of Feed forward Control Technique For DVR Based Ob DQO Transformation

Three-phase voltages sag:

Figure 3. Three-phase voltages sag: (a)-Source voltage,(b)-Injected voltage, (c)-Load voltage

Single-phase voltage sag

Figure.4. Single-phase voltage sag: (a)-Source voltage, (b)-Injected voltage, (c)-Load voltage

Three-phase voltages swell

Figure.5.Three-phase voltages swell: (a)-Source voltage, (b)-Injected voltage, (c)-Load voltage

Two-phase voltages swell

Figure. 6. Two-phase voltages swell: (a)-Source voltage, (b)-Injected voltage, (c)-Load voltage



 The modeling and simulation of a DVR using MATLAB/SIMULINK has been presented. A control system based on dqo technique which is a scaled error of the between source side of the DVR and its reference for sags/swell correction has been presented. The simulation shows that the DVR performance is satisfactory in mitigating voltage sags/swells.



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