Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor Using Sliding-Mode Controller



The paper presents a sliding-mode speed control system for an indirect vector controlled induction motor drive for high performance. The analysis, design and simulation of the sliding-mode controller for indirect vector control induction motor are carried out. The proposed sliding-mode controller is compared with PI controller with no load and various load condition. The result demonstrates the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed sliding-mode control for high performance of induction motor drive system.


  1. Indirect vector control
  2. Sliding mode control
  3. PI controller
  4. Induction motor
  5. Speed control




Figure 1: Indirect vector controlled induction motor drive



Figure 2: Speed response of PI controller at no load


Figure 3:Speed response of Sliding-mode controller at no load


Figure 4: Speed response of PI controller at load


Figure 5: Speed response of Sliding- mode controller at load


Figure 6:X-Y plot of Rotor flux of PI controller


Figure 7: x-v plot of Rotor flux of Sliding-mode controller


In this paper sliding-mode controller for the control of an indirect vector-controlled induction motor was described. The drive system was simulated with sliding-mode controller and PI controller and their performance was compared. Here simulation results shows that the designed sliding-mode controller realises a good dynamic behaviour of the motor with a rapid settling time, no overshoot and has better performance than PI controller. Sliding-mode control has more robust during change in load condition.


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