A Two-Level 24-Pulse Voltage Source Converter with Fundamental Frequency Switching for HVDC System


This paper deals with the performance analysis of a two-level, 24-pulse Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) for High Voltage DC (HVDC) system for power quality improvement. A two level VSC is used to realize a 24-pulse converter with minimum switching loss by operating it at fundamental frequency switching (FFS). The performance of this converter is studied on various issues such as steady state operation, dynamic behavior, reactive power compensation, power factor correction, and harmonics distortion. Simulation results are presented for a two level 24-pulse converter to demonstrate its capability.



  1. Two-Level Voltage Source Converter
  2. HVDC
  3. Multipulse
  4. Fundamental Frequency Switching
  5. Harmonics





 Fig. 1 A 24-Pulse voltage source converter based HVDC system Configuration



Fig. 2 Synthesis of Stepped AC voltage waveform of 24-pulse VSC.



Fig. 3 Steady state performance of proposed 24-pulse voltage source Converter


Fig. 4 Dynamic performance of proposed 24-pulse voltage source converter



Fig. 5 Waveforms and harmonic spectra of 24-pulse covnerter i) supply voltage ii) supply current (iii) converter voltage


A two level, 24-pulse voltage source converter has been designed and its performance has been validated for HVDC system to improve the power quality with fundamental frequency switching. Four identical transformers have been used for phase shift and to realize a 24-pulse converter along with control scheme using a two level voltage source converter topology. The steady state and dynamic performance of the designed converter configuration has been demonstrated the quite satisfactory operation and found suitable for HVDC system. The characteristic harmonics of the converter system has also improved by the proposed converter configuration with minimum switching losses without using extra filtering requirements compared to the conventional 12-pulse thyristor converter.


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