Study of a Five-Level PWM Rectifier Fed DC Motor Drive


A simulation of a five-level sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) rectifier fed D.C motor is proposed. The proposed topology of a five-level rectifier can be regulate the output voltage using (SPWM) to obtain variable speed of a D.C motor with constant load torque. The main advantages of the SPWM rectifier system are to drive a D.C motor with constant and variation load torque, low harmonic distortion in A.C supply side. The PID speed controller is used to make constant speed when load torque increase or decrease about 20% of rated value and to improve the dynamic response of the system. The five-level SPWM rectifier fed separately excited D.C motor are studied and simulated under the MATLAB/SIMULINK program.


  1. Five-level rectifier
  2. C motor drive
  3. PID speed controller
  4. SPWM



The paper presents a study and modeling of a five level rectifier with SPWM technique as a DC motor driver. Several researches focused on constructing the circuit of multi-level rectifier with static load (RL). In this study the five level rectifier system has been tested with a dynamic load as a separately excited DC motor. The proposed system investigated in case of open loop system with A disturbance in load torque applied +-20%from rated load torque and that’s lead to dramatic variation in motor speed with respect  to desired speed. Furthermore the effect of THD for input current was considered. PID controller is applied to the proposed system with the same disturbance in load torque and the results shows a constant output speed at desired speed with minimum response percentage error.


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