Solar PV Charging Station for Electric Vehicles


Of late, electric vehicles (EVs) have attracted much attention owing to their use of clean energy. Large progress in lithium-ion battery has propelled the development of EVs.However, the challenge is that growing number of EVs leads to huge demand in electric power, which will aggravate the power grid load. This leads to an exploration for alternative and clean sources of energy to charge EVs. This project implements solar energy system to erect a charging station for EV application. The charging station employs multi-port charging by providing a constant voltage DC bus. The charging controllers are operated based on the concept of power balance, and constant current/constant voltage charging. Performance of the charging system is validated with simulation and experimental results.


  1. Electric Vehicles
  2. Solar Power
  3. Charging station
  4. DC-DC converters
  5. MPPT
  6. CCCV battery Charging



Utilization of Optimization techniques in the use of renewable resources like Solar, wind, biofuel will enhance the opportunities of Electric Vehicles. Extension of the system with fast response storage scheme can be implemented for Fast charging stations. Intelligent Controllers or Machine Learning Techniques can be implemented to avoid excess loading of EV Charging stations on the grid. Hybrid charging stations incorporating more than one renewable source or a backup diesel generator will certainly increase the stability and reliability of the system.


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