Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of a Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive System


This paper presents a comprehensive simulation model of a five-phase induction motor drive system. Both open loop and closed-loop control is elaborated. The complete component modeling is developed using ‘simpower system’ blocksets of Matlab/Simulink. To address the real time implementation issues, dead banding of the inverter switches are also incorporated in the simulation model. To validate the modeling procedure, experimental implementation is done in TMS320F2812 DSP platform with a custom built five-phase drive system. Excitation, acceleration and loading transients are investigated. The developed simulation model is fully verified by the real time implementation


  1. Five-phase drive
  2. V/f control
  3. Induction motor



This paper presents a complete simulation model to simulate a five-phase induction motor drive system for constant v/f speed control method. The simulation model is developed using simpower system block sets of the Matlab/Simulink software. Step by step model development is elaborated. Dead banding in the simulation procedure is presented. A detailed simulation results are presented to validate the modeling procedure. Experimental set up is discussed and the experimental results are provided to exactly match the results obtained using simulation. This proves the successful implementation of the control scheme.


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