Novel High Efficiency High Voltage Gain Topologies for AC-DC Conversion with Power Factor Correction for Elevator Systems


Novel power factor revised air conditioning dc rectifier topologies appropriate for enlistment engine drive based lift application are proposed. These converters make utilization of coupled inductor for power transformation and are equipped for giving high voltage gain at low obligation cycle and high effectiveness. The present coursing through the coupled inductor is controlled through a criticism control circle to accomplish solidarity control factor. The THD estimation of the current is seen to be roughly 4.8% which is inside the points of confinement endorsed by different measures. With the utilization of coupled inductor, the voltage worry of the switches working at high recurrence is decreased, which diminishes exchanging misfortunes. The misfortune correlation with the traditional converters demonstrates a decrease of in any event 22% of misfortunes. The proposed plan likewise results in decrease of the variable recurrence drive’s dc connect capacitance esteem as a ultra-capacitor bank is interfaced with the dc interface through a bidirectional converter for enhancing proficiency and giving transient power necessities. This additionally helps in expanding the unwavering quality and dynamic reaction of the framework. The settling time for a stage change in voltage reference is seen to be decreased by about half. Proposed topologies and plans are approved through MATLAB/Simulink recreations and investigations.



 Fig. 1 Block diagram of an elevator system


 Fig. 2(a) Input current and voltage of the proposed1-ph rectifier system with PFC; (b)3-ph current for PFC operation of proposed rectifier configuration; (c) The dc link voltage step changes for 10μF and 500μF dc link capacitor; and (d) Ultra-capacitor current.



Novel AC-DC PWM rectifier topologies for 1-ph and 3-ph frameworks, in view of high voltage gain dc-dc converter guideline, were proposed, examined and approved through trials and reproduction considers. A noteworthy preferred standpoint of these topologies is that it is conceivable to accomplish higher voltage gain at lower obligation proportion. The activity symmetry is kept up. Info control factor revision is accomplished. The utilization of coupled inductors upgrades gain, yet it additionally expands the swell in the info present as the turns proportion is expanded. Consequently, there is an exchange off between the feasible gain and the swell.

The misfortunes of the proposed converter are contrasted and the ordinary air conditioning dc converter, and it was seen that there is a decrease of about 22% misfortunes. The misfortunes evaluated through exploratory investigations likewise decreased from 29W to 24W when the proposed topology was utilized. This demonstrates a decrease of 17% misfortunes in tests. In this way, the proposed converter gives higher productivity than the traditional air conditioning dc converters. It was likewise seen that the utilization of an assistant stockpiling decreased the dc connect capacitance esteem from 500 μF to 10 μF for a 1-ph framework. For the 3-ph framework, the assistant unit can be utilized as a help amid the matrix voltage list condition in this way decreasing the dc connect capacitance necessity. A low estimation of dc connect capacitance not just aides in lessening the size and enhancing the dependability of framework, yet in addition in enhancing the dynamic reaction of the framework.

The entire framework was tried in equipment and the outcomes were displayed. A point by point depiction of the manner of thinking behind the improvement of the proposed converter was likewise exhibited. A similar point of view can be reached out to the improvement of such converter voltage gain topologies. The voltage weight on switch S2 and S3 lessens to 1/eighth of its incentive when contrasted with the traditional topology. In any case, the estimation of pinnacle current builds ‘n’ times. The expansion in pinnacle current builds the high recurrence current swell in the info side. Be that as it may, the obligation cycle is diminished with increment in the estimation of ‘n’. In this way, the general productivity of the converter is expanded.

The air conditioner dc topologies proposed in this paper are unidirectional. In any case, they can be made bidirectional by associating a controllable switch over the diodes. This plan is valuable for the situations where the heaps are recovering. These bidirectional voltage gain topologies can likewise be utilized as dc-air conditioning converters to bolster control into the framework. In this way, the extent of the proposed plans is wide and significant.

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