DVR with Fuzzy Logic Controller and Photovoltaic for Improving the Operation of wind farm


Wind power is one of the most important kind of renewable energies. Wind farm as a device which receives this energy needs some special conditions to work properly. The most common type of wind turbine is the variable-speed directly connected to the grid. Faults in the power system can originate the disconnection of wind farms. Dynamic voltage restore (DVR) is a custom power device used for eliminating voltage sages and swells which is the result of the faults. This paper presents a simulation model of a 12-pulse DVR using photovoltaic (PV) as a mean of providing an alternative energy source for the DVR. In this study, the design of a fuzzy logic (FL) controlled DVR are presented and extended to perform fast fault detection. A new control method for DVR is proposed by combining FL with a carrier modulated PWM inverter. Simulations were carried out using the MATLAB SIMULINK. The simulation results proved the capability of PV-based DVR in eliminating voltage sag and swell distributed system. Improving the operation of wind farm as a energy generator and stabilizing its voltage is the main result of this work.



  1. Renewable energy
  2. Photo-voltaic
  3. Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)
  4. Fuzzy Logic





Fig 1 General system



Fig. 2 supply voltage in swell condition

Fig.3 DVR injection voltage in swell condition

Fig.4 wind farm voltage in swell condition after compensation

Fig.5. supply voltage in sag condition

Fig.6 DVR injection voltage in sag condition

Fig.7 wind farm voltage after compensation

Fig.8. Wind farm current after compensation (in both sag and swell condition)



In this paper, A 12-pulse DVR is designed and through using new control method all voltage sags and swells in the circuit is generally compensated. In this case the terminal voltage which is connected to the wind turbine stay constant and despite the voltage instability in network wind generators will be able to remain connected to the network and work in stable condition through using DVR. In this article we could compensate a distribution systems when sag and swell voltages occur in an accurate and controlled way. This controlling method is based on fuzzy control which is simulated by Matlab/Simulink software. Also in this paper to provide a source of DC DVR we have used PV which is a kind of natural energy source. The simulation results confirm all.



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