DTC Projects

DTC projects IEEE for BTech and MTech using Matlab/Simulink

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AT-DTC-1Analysis and performance of the induction motor under hysteresis current controlled DTC
AT-DTC-2Simplified SVPWM algorithm for neutral point clamped 3-level inverter fed DTC induction motor drive
AT-DTC-3A constant switching frequency based DTC method for interior PMSG motor
AT-DTC-4Analysis and traction motor drive with regenerative braking and using modified Direct Torque Control
AT-DTC-5Improved Direct Torque Control of induction motor
AT-DTC-6Direct torque control of squirrel cage induction motor for optimum current ripple using three level inverter
AT-DTC-7Study of induction motor drive with direct torque control scheme and indirect field oriented control scheme using vector modulation
AT-DTC-8Direct torque control of induction motor drive with flux optimization
AT-DTC-9Direct torque control of induction motor with constant switching frequency
AT-DTC-10Direct Torque Control Based on Space Vector Modulation with Adaptive Stator Flux Observer for Induction Motors