Asoka Technologies offer many projects for BTech EEE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. We are dedicated in developing IEEE Electrical Simulation projects for BE/BTech and ME/MTech Final year students. Here we have posted some titles with abstracts, we have many number of projects readily available with us. Please visit our website and also go through the latest Projects List.

BTech EEE Projects

  1. An Integrated Boost Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications :

    Effective photovoltaic power conditioning requires efficient power conversion and accurate maximum power point tracking to counteract the effects of panel mismatch, shading, and general variance in power output during a daily cycle.

  2. Coordinated control and energy management of distributed generation inverters in a micro grid: 

    This paper presents a micro grid consisting of different distributed generation (DG) units that are connected to the distribution grid. An energy-management algorithm is implemented to coordinate the operations of the different DG units in the micro grid for grid-connected and islanded operations.

  3. Simulation analysis of SVPWM inverter fed induction motor drives: 

    In this paper represent the simulation analysis of space vector pulse width modulated(SVPWM) inverter fed Induction motor drives. The main objective of this paper is analysis of Induction motor with SVPWM fed inverter and harmonic analysis of voltages & current. for control of IM number of Pulse width modulation (PWM) schemes are used to for variable voltage and frequency supply.

  4. Research on Three-phase Voltage Type PWM Rectifier System Based on SVPWM control

    The fundamental principle of SVPWM is introduced in this study. The design on the structure of three phase voltage type PWM rectifier system based on SVPWM control was also discussed. Then we calculate the DC capacitor and AC side inductance. 

  5. Dynamic Modeling of Microgrid for Grid Connected and Intentional Islanding Operation: 

    Micro grid is defined as the cluster of multiple distributed generators (DGs) such as renewable energy sources that supply electrical energy. The connection of micro grid is in parallel with the main grid. When micro grid is isolated from remainder of the utility system, it is said to be in intentional islanding mode.

  6. High-Step-Up and High-Efficiency Fuel-Cell Power Generation System with Active-Clamp Flyback-Forward Converter

    A high-efficiency fuel-cell power-generation system with an active-clamp flyback–forward converter is presented in this paper to boost a 12-V dc voltage into a 220-V 50-Hz ac voltage. 

  7. Direct Power Control of Series Converter of Unified Power-Flow Controller With Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Converter

    A unified power-flow controller (UPFC) can enforce unnatural power flows in a transmission grid, to maximize the power flow while maintaining stability. Theoretically, active and reactive power flow can be controlled without overshoot or cross coupling.

  8. Analysis of Discrete and Space Vector PWM Controlled Hybrid Active Filters For Power Quality Enhancement :

    It is known from the fact that Harmonic Distortion is one of the main power quality problems frequently encountered by the utilities. The harmonic problems in the power supply are caused by the non-linear characteristic based loads

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