BrushLess DC Motor Projects

BrushLess DC Motor Projects

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AT-BLDC-1Power Factor Correction in BLDC motor Drives Using DC-DC Converters
AT-BLDC-2An adjustable speed PFC bridgeless buck-boost converter fed BLDC motor driveDownload
AT-BLDC-3A Comparative Study on the Speed Response of BLDC Motor Using Conventional PI Controller,
Anti-windup PI Controller and Fuzzy Controller
AT-BLDC-4A low cost speed estimation technique for closed loop control of BLDC motor driveDownload
AT-BLDC-5BLDC motor driven solar PV array fed water pumping system employing zeta converterDownload
AT-BLDC-6Compensation of torque ripple in high performance BLDC motor drives
AT-BLDC-7Hybrid converter topology for reducing torque ripple of BLDC motor
AT-BLDC-8Control of BLDC motor based on adaptive fuzzy logic PID controller
AT-BLDC-9Commutation torque ripple reduction in BLDC motor using modified SEPIC converter and three level NPC inverter
AT-BLDC-10A New Approach of Minimizing Commutation Torque Ripple for Brushless DC Motor Based on DC–DC Converter
AT-BLDC-11A New Approach to Sensorless Control Method for Brushless DC Motors
AT-BLDC-12A New BLDC Motor Drives Method Based on BUCK Converter for Torque Ripple Reduction
AT-BLDC-13Approach for torque ripple reduction for brushless DC motor based on three-level neutral-point-clamped inverter with DC–DC converter
AT-BLDC-14Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction in Brushless DC Motor Drives Using a Single DC Current Sensor
AT-BLDC-15Compensation of torque ripple in high performance BLDC motor drives
AT-BLDC-16High-performance multilevel inverter drive of brushless DC Motor
AT-BLDC-17Model and system simulation of Brushless DC motor based on SVPWM control
AT-BLDC-18Reduction of Commutation Torque Ripple in a Brushless DC Motor Drive
AT-BLDC-19Reducing Torque Ripple of BLDC Motor by Integrating DC-DC Converter with Three-level Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter
AT-BLDC-20Reducing Torque Ripple of Brushless DC Motor by Varying Input Voltage
AT-BLDC-21Sensorless Direct Torque and Indirect Flux Control of Brushless DC Motor with Non-sinusoidal Back-EMF
AT-BLDC-22Unknown Input Observer for a Novel Sensorless Drive of Brushless DC Motors
AT-BLDC-23A Novel Fuzzy Dynamic Observer for High Speed BLDC Motor
AT-BLDC-24A Hybrid Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for a BLDC Motor Drive
AT-BLDC-25A Comparative Study of Speed Control of D.C. Brushless Motor Using PI and Fuzzy Controller
AT-BLDC-26A Comparative Study of PI, Fuzzy and Hybrid PI Fuzzy Controller for Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor Drive
AT-BLDC-272-DOF PI(D) Takagi-Sugeno and Sliding Mode Controllers for BLDC Drives
AT-BLDC-28Adaptive Speed Control of Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
AT-BLDC-29Single Stage Solar PV Fed Brushless DC Motor Driven Water Pump
AT-BLDC-30Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Drive Based on the Zero-Crossing Detection of Back Electromotive Force (EMF) From the Line Voltage Difference

Brusheless DC motor s were invented in the 19th century and are well-known. BLDC motors were made achievable by the growth of solid state electronics in the 1960s. BLDC motor (BLDC motors, BL motors) also called as electronically commutated motors (ECMs, EC motors), or synchronous DC motors, The structure of a brushless motor system is typically analogous to a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), but can also be a switched reluctance motor, or an induction (asynchronous) motor. The advantages of a BLDC motor over brushed motors are high power to weight ratio, high speed, and electronic control. BLDC motors discover applications in such places as computer peripherals (disk drives, printers), hand-held power tools, and vehicles with ranges from model aircraft to automobiles.

Brushless DC Motor Projects

Brushless DC Motor

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