BLDC Drives Fuzzy Logic Controller

BLDC Drives Fuzzy Logic Controller 

BLDC Drives There are basically two ways to achieve high power density and high efficiency drives. The first technique is to employ high-speed motors, so that motor volume and weight are greatly reduced for the same rated output power. Most adjustable speed drive systems employ a single three-phase induction motor.

BLDC Drives With such a drive system, the drive has to be shut down if any phase fails. In order to improve reliability of drive systems, six-phase induction motors fed by double current source inverters have been introduced. Compared to induction motors, permanent magnet (PM) motors have higher efficiency due to the elimination of magnetizing current and copper loss in the rotor. It has become possible because of their superior performance in terms of high efficiency, fast response, weight, precise and accurate control, high reliability, maintenance free operation, brushless construction and reduced size.

BLDC Drives This project presents a current blocking strategy of brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive to prolong the capacity voltage of batteries per charge in electric vehicle applications. The BLDC motor employs a fuzzy controller for torque hysteresis control (THC) that can offer a robust control and quick torque dynamic performance. The proposed concept is verified by using Matlab/Simulink software and the corresponding results are presented.

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