Best Electrical Projects Ideas for EEE Final Year Engineering Students

best electrical projects ideas

best electrical projects ideas Electrical projects covering core electrical projects, electronics and embedded electrical are most desirable amongst the student level project work. It gives practical exposure on the hardware that are often used in industries. Real time industrial level projects in machines, transmission lines, power electronics, high voltage etc. are popular as the theoretical subjects read on the same is applied in practical terms for in-depth understanding of the same.

Advanced electrical engineering topics such as FACTS, UPFC, SVPWM, APFC often use power devices like MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, TRIAC. Therefore, basic fundamentals on such power devices are a pre-requisite for understanding these projects. In contrast to hardware based projects, MATLAB projects (software based) give least exposure on the real time hardware applications which seriously limits job opportunities for engineering students in industries. However MATLAB is best suited for R&D level of work in academics

best electrical projects ideas

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