Battery Energy Storage System for Variable Speed Driven PMSG for Wind Energy Conversion System


There are many loads such as remote villages, islands, etc. that are located far away from the main grid. These loads require stand-alone generating system, which can provide constant voltage and frequency for local electrification. Locally available wind power can be used in such off-grid systems. As the wind speed is variable, an AC-DC-AC conversion system is required to convert variable voltage and variable frequency power generation to constant voltage and constant frequency source. Further, as the wind power as well as load is variable there is a need of energy storage device that take care of the load mismatch. In this paper, a standalone wind energy conversion system (WECS) using a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) is proposed with a battery energy storage system.


  1. Wind energy conversion system
  2. Isolated system
  3. BESS
  4. Permanent magnet synchronous generator



Fig.1 PMSG with PWM rectifier with battery for storing the extra wind energy


 Fig.2. Variation of wind speed, load voltages, load currents, generator power, battery power, load power battery current and DC link voltage.


The isolated operation of wind energy conversion system requires AC-DC-AC interface with the capability of converting variable voltage variable frequency to constant voltage constant frequency source. In addition the power balancing has to be done with some energy storage system, According to the proposed topology, battery energy storage system provides power balance between the generated power and the load. The power mismatch is absorbed by the BESS.


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