Recent Projects

Single Phase Bidirectional H6 Rectifier/Inverter


Transformer-less photovoltaic (PV) inverters are more widely adopted due to high efficiency, low cost and light weight, etc. However, H5, HERIC, etc. transformer-less PV inverters do not have the bidirectional capability for solar energy storage system in the future. With topology derivation history reviewed from rectifier to inverter, the…

Investigations On Shunt Active Power Filter In A PV-Wind-FC Based Hybrid Renewable Energy System To Improve Power Quality Using Hardware-In-The loop Testing Platform


The current power distribution system involves usage of nonlinear loads that cause power quality problems.Further, the penetration of renewable energy sources is increasing in the power networks to satisfy the consistently rising energy demand, which changes the traditional network plan and control drastically. This paper presents an intelligently controlled…